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Both Dr. Phillip and Dr. Isaac Perry utilize the microscope for Endodontic (Root Canal) procedures.


The ways root canals and Endodontic therapy can be performed today is vastly different than those done a few years ago, not to mention a decade ago. The potential level for quality care has increased dramatically. These improvements are not without the cost of new and more expensive instruments such as the microscope and the need for significant amounts of increased training.


The microscope and the need for magnification and supplemental lighting is important when performing intricate root canals. The microscope is not as essential for most routine root canal cases, but a great benefit for complex root canal therapy cases, teeth with difficult access, searching for difficult or nearly impossible to find canal openings and an absolute requirement for Endodontic root end surgery. Dr. Phillip and Dr. Isaac have performed many microscopic procedures and are experienced in the utilization of the latest technologies for performing complicated, technologically advanced root canal procedures.


If you have any questions concerning our treatment of root canals utilizing our microscope technology, please feel free to speak with Dr. Phillip or Dr. Isaac Perry today.