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Welcome to Perry Dental

Welcome to Perry Dental, the premier source of soft-touch family dentistry in Wabasha, Minnesota. Where compassionate, state-of-the-art dental and orthodontic care are the hallmarks of our practice. Conveniently serving Wabasha, Minnesota, Perry Dental offers exceptional soft-touch gentle dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry care to create healthy, beautiful smiles for both children and adults. Dentistry is not just about oral health. It is about being healthy and looking and feeling gorgeous. Today’s advancements in dentistry can provide this but you won’t find it just anywhere. You will find it here, at Perry Dental. Dr. Phillip Perry is a compassionate dentist who is trained in state-of-the-art dentistry techniques, such as low-dose digital X-rays, no drill cavity treatments, same-day crowns, virtually invisible braces, and complete smile makeovers. From teeth whitening, tooth colored fillings, and orthodontics, to cosmetic veneers and dental implants, our friendly professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional care with a gentle soft-touch designed to give you the smile of your dreams. For more than 54 years, the gentle dentists of the Perry family have created smiles that are as beautiful as they are functional. For more information about family and cosmetic dentistry in Wabasha, Minnesota, please call Perry Dental at (651) 565-2888 or toll free (888) 565-2888. To request an appointment use our online appointment request form.

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